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Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada

In a small city in southern British Columbia is a cabinet manufacturer unlike others.  Sollera Fine Cabinetry believes that the workers are the most valuable part of the company.  These dedicated craftsmen produce some of the finest cabinetry on the market today.  Many of these craftsmen have been with the company for over 20 years, and some for over 40 years.  Their goal is not only high achievement but to set these high achievements as the new standard.

Today Sollera Fine Cabinetry has become one of the most respected cabinet companies of its kind in Canada and the United States.  As well as providing cabinetry of high value, Sollera Fine Cabinetry is also dedicated to supporting both the local community and the world community.

Sollera Fine Cabinetry supports the intent of environmental stewardship aimed at protecting the earth's resources by practicing sound environmental production methods in order to protect our air, water, land and the human, animal and plant life of our planet. 

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