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20231022 HCabs_SArrastia-1709.jpg


Our clients wanted to create their dream home for raising their young family. By removing walls and raising the ceiling, we turned their once very small kitchen into a beautiful open concept living space. The kitchen offers plenty of seating for guests, a fun bar for entertaining and lots of countertop space to prep and cook! Lots of color and texture was added into making this home lively and energetic. 

20231022 HCabs_SArrastia-1700.jpg
20231022 HCabs_SArrastia-1751.jpg
20231022 HCabs_SArrastia-1719-2.jpg
20231022 HCabs_SArrastia-1754.jpg
20231022 HCabs_SArrastia-1767.jpg
20231022 HCabs_SArrastia-1722.jpg
20231022 HCabs_SArrastia-1710.jpg
20231022 HCabs_SArrastia-1691.jpg
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