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20220803 HCabs_LKelly-6777.jpg


Our client was looking to keep the kitchen bright while incorporating as much natural wood as we could. Paneled appliances and hidden storage keep this space clean and organized too. Lots of storage and countertop make this kitchen a dream for any chef!

20220803 HCabs_LKelly-6726.jpg
20220803 HCabs_LKelly-6730.jpg
20220803 HCabs_LKelly-6742.jpg
20220803 HCabs_LKelly-6735.jpg
20220803 HCabs_LKelly-6748.jpg
20220803 HCabs_LKelly-6783.jpg
20220803 HCabs_LKelly-6764.jpg
20220803 HCabs_LKelly-6723.jpg
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